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Christmas is a time that sparks the light of Jesus: his joy, peace, and hope. Each year we find ourselves inspired to somehow spread his “good news of peace and joy.” We share meals, enjoy laughter, give gifts, and make memories.

This season – these moments – remind us of the words Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Through 2023’s Hope Project, we can share these “gifts.” We can serve our neighbors by claiming a tag to meet a need or by helping at a local community event. We can invite our friends to be with us, inviting them to experience the hope of Christmas in a unique way. And through it all, we can ensure that the best of the holidays shows up exactly where it’s needed. We can be a part of bringing joy to our world.

At Christmas, we remember and celebrate that God has given us His Son to bring peace and redemption. He nudges us and gives us opportunity to give, serve, and love. Let’s do all we can to ‘repeat the sounding joy’ of our Savior.



Sign up to volunteer at one of the upcoming community events. Browse the event list below. Get a hold of the event organizers and explore how you can help.



Spending time with others is a great opportunity to spread hope. Whether it’s with a friend, family member, neighbor, or casual acquaintance, we’d encourage you to check out these different spaces that you can invite a friend too.


There are so many ways we can serve our city and global partners this time of year. This could include preparing a meal, dropping of toys for kids or volunterring. Check out some of the ways you can serve this season.



In a season that has been uncertain and hard, at times, we want to continue to be people who share hope with others. We have created a few unique spaces for you to invite your neighbors, friends, and family. We hope this is a space where we can build relationships and prayerfully wait for the “no-brainer moment.” If these spaces do not work for you, we encourage you to pray on your own, or as a family, about the ways that you can “invite a friend” this Christmas season. 


Claim A Tag & Buy Items for our City Partners

Nov 4th – Dec 4th 

One of the ways we serve as a church is by giving. Hundreds of items are needed to serve our city and global partners this time of year. These items are used to stock the Christmas stores, continue programming needs, and bless families during the holidays. Our global partners will be using these funds to help continue food pantry programs, the building of community centers, and providing for school and church needs.

Rahab Christmas Dinner

Dec 1st

Sponsor a table at the Rahab Christmas dinner. To sponsor a table we ask that you provide the decorations for the table, decorate it on Dec. 1st and have one female from the sponsor group join the women for dinner.  Set up will be at 6pm with dinner at 7pm.

South Street Christmas Store

Week of 2nd

Provide homemade cookies for South Street to pass out at their Christmas Store on  Dec. 9th. This need has been filled! Please check out another project!

December 8th

Come and help set up the Christmas shop with South Street (7-9pm). Open to any age. This need has been filled! Please check out another project!

December 9th 

Come and help students shop for Christmas gifts for their friends and family. Come and help between 8am-1pm. You must be 16 years old to serve at the store and requires a background check for anyone over 18.

The Garage Teen Parent Christmas Gathering

December 11th 


Sign up to volunteer at the dinner to serve, make dinner or dessert, purchase gift bag items for families, or provide a craft for the evening.

Urban Vision Christmas Store

December 12th 


Come and help students shop for Christmas gifts for their friends and family. You must be 15 years old to serve at the Store.

First Glance Christmas Party

December 14th 


Would you please consider helping First Glance in making this holiday celebration unforgettable? Help them prepare for a Christmas party that encourage and bless our students and families!

Akron Youth Mentorship

December 18th, morning

Akron Youth Mentorship is getting their own office space for the first time and they need help moving in and setting it up. Sign up to help for a few hours!

Legacies of Success

Sign up to serve a Saturday shift to assist with home renovation/repairs in North Hill. Help first time homeowners take one step closer to being in their own homes.  No skill necessary to participate. 


Power Kids movie night

December 3rd in the Ghent Auditorium, 5pm

Invite a friend to come and watch the movie with you and your family.


December 4th at 6:30pm in the Ghent Auditorium

We all have loved ones we miss. This year, what if we took time to remember?

Join us for a free event at Grace Church as we remember the people we miss and look to the future with hope together. Enjoy music, hear an encouraging message from a pastor, and light a candle in remembrance.

Mergy Christmas

December 13th from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the Ghent Auditorium

If you are a high school student come and check out our Christmas party. There will be food, games, a message and fun.

No sign-up needed.

Collective Christmas

December 14th from 7pm in the Ghent Auditorium

Join in the Christmas celebration with other young adults (18-24 yrs old) for volleyball, basketball, and food! Wear your best ugly Christmas sweater to win a prize.

No sign-up needed.

Grace Church Christmas Program

December 21st – 24th at the Ghent Location

Join us for a family friendly way to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. Show up early to enjoy the winter wonderland experience!

If you know a family in need, please reach out to us at